R M Dionne Consulting, LLC

Coaching and Consulting for Positive Change

Goals and Objectives

  • Utilize SMART process to set goal(s)
  • Define project scope / parameters
  • Plan to communicate goals and objectives

Schedule and Particulars

  • Start date
  • Planned (desired) completion date
  • Specific assignments
  • Interim and follow-up reviews

…The knowledge and experience of the consultant allows you, the customer to tap a resource that will provide analysis and recommendation(s) for improving structure and process(s) giving you the freedom to do what you do best, to manage your business.

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Email: rickd@rmdionneconsulting.net

Consulting Process

Initial Consultation

  • Conduct situation analysis with management
  • Identify target / focus area
  • Set intention of engagement (planned outcome)
  • Discuss special conditions / limiting factors
  • Agree on terms of engagement

Data Collection and Analysis

  • Identify resources
    • Staff
    • Records
    • Work area
  • Determine access and security 
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